How to see Wifi Password on laptop

In this article, I will tell you "How to see wifi password on Laptop in just 2 minutes by using just 2 commands".

Many times that you yourself forget your own internet wifi password. Some times you don't remember what the password was. There is no other solution and there is no other way to know it. But if your internet Wifi is already connected on your laptop then you can know it easily by using just 2 commands in cmd (Command Prompt).

Just follow the following step:

1. Open the Command Prompt by Run pressing (Win + R) and type cmd and press enter button.

You can access Command prompt by search option and Run as an administrator.

2. Type the following line and press Enter.

netsh wlan show profile 

You will see all the WLAN profiles which are stored on your Laptop/Computer.

3. Now type the following command:

netsh wlan export profile folder=C:\ key=clear

Now close the Command Prompt and go to the C folder

4. You can see that your wifi XML profile is saved in the C folder.

5. Now go to the C folder to access the XML file and open that XML file. By completing these above steps you can see your Internet wifi Key/Password.